Integrated Conceptual Campaigns

The markets in the metropolis are increasingly noisy and cluttered, and so in order to get heard and noticed, it becomes imperative for brands to integrate elements of communication and reach out to the right audience. Urban markets are full of opportunities which can be openly explored utilizing various forms of marketing and communication simultaneously. With the help of integrated communication, it becomes easier for brands to attract desired attention and extract desired results. In short, for brands to pull out all stops in their campaigning, it calls for integrating several forms of media, to enable the innovative strategies to become active. Inkyideas specializes in bringing together a host of media and leveraging them as per established campaign objective in a seamless manner. Integrated Conceptual Campaigns involve services such as:

  • Radio FM
  • Online Mobile Integration
  • Digital Social Networking
  • Print Media
  • Road shows, Concerts, OOH visibility

“Let’s do something amazing.”