Retail Marketing

Our understanding of retail point solution is ingrained into three important aspects which are

Touch point:

Every brand stands a chance to make a last minute presentation at retailer outlet and can get the buying decision in its favor.

Conversion point:

Prospects convert into sales. Prospects if persuaded can shift to other brand at the time of buying. This has to do with triggering an impulse.

Feed point:

Farmers interrogates product performance and enquires about the benefits from a retailer who in turn feeds them with his own understanding and knowledge of that product.

Retail Point Activation

There are several reasons which create challenging situation for the retailers in attaining operational efficiency and profitability. Viz increasing pressure from the competitors, wafer-thin margins, high occupancy costs and unpredictable supply base etc. Inkyideas provides complete Retail Point Sale solutions for retail automation, retail sales and inventory management, merchandise management and planning. At Inkyideas our mission is to deliver value in the form of innovative retail activations that not only generate footfalls and grab attention, but ultimately incur lasting brand-recall and long-term brand-revenues.

Retail Point Prep-Talk

Brands like to be sure that their product gets the apt visibility and sale ability at the retail outlets, so that consumers also have a clear understanding of what, why and how of the product. To address this crucial demand, Inkyideas offers the services of going to retail outlets and organizing lively prep-talks for retailers and consumers respectively. This activity is more like a safety-net measure to ensure that the brands get right leverage sans of any miscommunication.

Real Point Contest and Incentive:

Luring consumers is not a definite know-how. Brands have to constantly wear their thinking caps to invent innovative ways to get the attention and buying-power of consumers. This is where Inkyideas steps up. We combine our creative planning prowess, ideate and generate concepts for games, activities, interactivity and giveaways that catch the fancy of consumers and generate good business for brands.

Shopper Loyalty Programmes:

Loyalty programmes are a way for the retailer to encourage the continued patronage of customers. They allow retailers to gather data on customer behavior in order to decipher trends, appropriately reward loyalty and influence shopping behavior. Successful retailers connect with customers via loyalty programmes at three levels. The first is an introduction of sorts: Firstly the customer receives a generic reward for enrolling in the programme. At the second level, the retailer contacts the customer directly, often via e-mail to offer a reward more tailored to the customer’s needs. At the third level, a two-way communication occurs with customers or through retailer-initiated feedback loops. Loyalty programme data can be enormously advantageous in other ways, such as helping a retailer perform market research, set pricing strategies and decide when and where to open new stores.

Retailer Meets:

In order to encourage and improve communication amongst retailers, brands often put forward a premise to organize retailer meets. At Inkyideas, we provide and take care of the set-ups, other logistics and work in tandem with brand’s to organize and host retailer-meets which helps to promote the brand’s expectations of its retailer-base.

Retailer Development and Retention:

Maintaining a healthy equation with retailer and forging new relationships with new retailers is crucial for the evolution and expansion of brands. At Inkyideas, we provide brands with means and expertise that help them continue to remain favorites with existing retailers and attract the new ones. In order to achieve goals of development and retention, we provide brands with services like:

Retail Business Seminars and Workshops

Awards and Recognition Programmes

Business Visitations and Surveys

Retail Leakage/Opportunity Analysis

“Shop Local” Programmes

Merchandise and Displays:

Brands have to perennially continue innovation in their products and its presentation. For this very purpose, Inkyideas devises and designs creative concepts that are used to present products using creative means of display and merchandising. The options run as deep as the brand’s imagination.

“Let’s do something amazing.”